Do Shiba Inus Like To Cuddle?

Do Shiba Inus Like to Cuddle?

Do Shiba Inus like to cuddle? You ask.

Though they are loyal, Shibas have independent mind and a unique personality that distinguishes them from other breeds. Shibas are loyal breeds that strive to protect their owners.

They dearly love their owners, too. Do Shiba Inus like to cuddle, therefore?

No, most Shiba Inus don’t like to cuddle. Since they’re self-governing dogs, the majority of Shiba Inus won’t cuddle. Additionally, you cannot make Shiba Inus cuddly! They’ll often do what they want rather than what you want. Shibas, therefore, don’t like affection unless when they are in the mood. Besides, it’s short-lived!

Why Do Shiba Inus Not Cuddle?

As mentioned previously, Shiba Inus are unique dogs that often don’t find pleasure in cuddling.

Here’s why:

They’re Self-Governed Dogs

It doesn’t matter if he belongs to you; if a Shiba Inu doesn’t want to obey your instructions, then you got nothing much to do.

Shibas often do what they want at a particular time. Even when they’ve clearly heard your commands, they may choose to disobey depending on their mood.

It’s best to give your Shiba Inu some freedom to do what he wants or be where he wants instead of forcing him to cuddle.

Super Active Breeds

Shiba Inus are super active breeds. They easily get bored lying down there doing nothing. That’s why Shiba Inus don’t like cuddling. They view it as some idleness and get bored really fast.

So, though they may want to cuddle, they would not cuddle for long as they would easily get uninterested.


Shiba Inus, just like other breeds, are quick learners of body language. Your reactions, especially when you’re annoyed or exhausted, might put off your Shiba completely.

Consequently, he gets anxious and refuses to cuddle.

This mostly happens if he is uncertain of your next move toward him.

Can You Make A Shiba Inu Cuddly?

While it’s impossible to make a Shiba Inu cuddly, you can sometimes be lucky to have a cuddly Shiba Inu. Even if it is short-lived, it’s possible.

Their mood, however, is the determining factor of if they’ll be cuddly and for how long it will last.

So, how can you make a Shiba Inu cuddly?

Train Them

Most people say it’s not possible to train a Shiba Inus how to be cuddly. But here’s a question; if you can train a Shiba Inus to obey your commands, why would it be impossible to train him how to cuddle?

Needless to say, if you train a Shiba Inu puppy how to cuddle, most likely, cuddling becomes part of him. Even so, remember that this is not their thing, so they may not like it as much as other breeds do.

Hence, they may often refuse to cuddle or do it because they feel like doing it.

For best results, train Shiba Inus how to cuddle while they’re still young- less than 4 months old.

Why Do Some Shiba Inus Like To Cuddle?

A small percentage of Shiba Inus like to cuddle. This is so due to various reasons:
If you train your Shiba Inu to associate well with you, he is likely to be an affectionate dog. Such a Shiba Inu likes sleeping beside their owners, at least for a few minutes. Other times they rush to their owner’s bed and hug them when they wake up.

A well-socialized Shiba Inu will not have trouble cuddling.


How you bring up your Shiba determines if he loves to cuddle or not. If they’ve never cuddled since birth, would they even know there’s such a thing?

Not possible. Although some Shiba Inus genetically cuddle, they would also need someone to nature that character trait for it to manifest.


Some Shiba Inus have special genes that make them cuddle. Nonetheless, such Shibas are rare. They cuddle for a while and then get bored.

This, however, doesn’t mean that all Shibas can cuddle.

Are There Any Benefits Of Cuddling With Your Shiba Inu?

Yes, both of you enjoy numerous benefits when you cuddle:

Cuddling is a Stress-Reliever

Like is the case when you cuddle with a friend, a spouse, and a baby, cuddling with your Shiba releases the ‘feel-good’ hormones in your body. These hormones make you feel happy and loved.

Cuddling is also an indication of care. Such is how you feel when your Shiba hugs you before going to bed or when you wake up.

The pleasure you get when you cuddle relieves worry and gives you a better feeling.

Eases Anxiety

As much as Shibas are hunters and brave dogs, once in a while, they may get anxious because of something that’s happening around them.

The same applies when they notice that you’re in danger. Whether you or your Shiba Inu is anxious, cuddling would ease the situation and make both of you feel safe.

Creates a Bond

Cuddling creates a bond between you and your Shiba. Both of you get more connected to each other and desire to stay close to each other.

While Shiba Inus don’t like cuddling much, short-lived cuddling may work wonders in creating a strong bond.

How Do You Bond With a Shiba Inu?

Bonding with your Shiba Inus is not only fun, but it can also be a way of gaining emotional support from him. Now that Shibas are commonly known for their desire to dominate every space, how do you bond with him?

You bond with a Shiba by:

Being an Understanding Owner

It’s obvious, Shibas won’t obey every command you give. While this can be frustrating, especially when you badly need his services, it’s wise to understand that he is an animal.

Don’t punish him for not obeying you; after all, he is not a service animal.

Punishing him instills fear in him that might make him want to avoid you. Consequently, your bond will be ruined.

Spending Considerable Time Together

The more you spend time together with your Shiba, the stronger the bond becomes.

You can spend time playing, swimming, walking, or taking a meal together. While at it, gently pat him on his back so that he feels emotionally connected to you.

Shibas are intelligent breeds that understand when their owners are happy or unhappy. Hence, when you happily spend time together, he will know you’re comfortable and happy having him around.

Thus, he will want to be where you’re all the time.

Being Composed

Always be composed when dealing with your Shiba. Whether he has disobeyed any given instruction or you want him to stop doing something wrong, stay composed.

Your Shiba will get to know that you’re always calm when dealing with him and stay calm, too. So, regardless of the situation, avoid yelling at your Shiba.  

Making Bathing Hours Playing Hours

Some Shibas fear bathing time. You can make such moments fun by playing with soap and water when bathing him.

You’ll not only be strengthening the bond with him, but you’ll also be avoiding chances of him smelling bad because of being dirty.

Staying Consistent In the Way You Communicate

Consistency helps your Shiba to know what information you’re passing on to him. As a result, he can follow your instructions and fulfill your will without failure.

That, on the other hand, maintains peace between the two of you and improves your bond.

Respecting His Rights

Your Shiba has needs, just like you do. For example, he needs access to clean food and water every day.

Avoid delaying his meals. Empty his potty once he is done pooping so that he can have it ready whenever he needs to use it again.

Also, keep his sleeping and resting areas clean all the time.  Such actions make your Shiba feel loved and respected; thus, love and respect you, too.

Learning How to Communicate With Him

Every Shiba has a way of communicating with their owners depending on the training offered. If you establish a good way of communicating with your Shiba, communication becomes easy, and your buddy finds it easy to communicate with you, too, and obey all your instructions.

You can use facial expressions, eye contact, or speech to communicate with your Shiba.

He just chose the option he understands and loves most to avoid a breakdown of communication.

Do Shibas Like Affection?

Unless they want to, Shiba Inus don’t like being affectionate. It’s not their fault; it’s just who they’re since they’re created to hunt.

This, however, doesn’t mean that all Shibas are the same.

Some Shiba Inu owners admit that their dogs like being affectionate. Not sure if your Shiba is affectionate?

How To Tell If Your Shiba Inus Is Affectionate?

While Shiba Inus are not affectionate dogs, they tend to change depending on their day-to-day mood once in a while.

So, how do you know if your Shiba Inu is becoming affectionate?

Leaning His Back on You

Shibas are ‘cat-like’. This is because they have similar character traits to cats. Cats have a habit of leaning on their owners whenever they feel loved, treasured, and cared for.

Similarly, when you see your Shiba Inu leaning his back or head on you, he is affectionate. Probably he is impressed by the way you’re treating him.

Playing With You

If your Shiba Inu starts playing with you before you initiate it, he is definitely affectionate. He wants to spend time with you because he holds you dearly in his heart.

You’ll often notice he wants to play with you when he starts bringing his precious toys to you.

While it may be another way of demanding your attention, it may be a sign that he is affectionate.

Prolonged Eye Contact

When Shiba Inus feel frightened of their owners, they tend to avoid eye contact. In contrast, when they’re affectionate, they look straight into your eyes without turning their faces away.

So, when you notice that your Shiba Inu is looking straight into your eyes, it’s because he is among the few affectionate ones. Thank God!

Licking You

As we mentioned previously, this is a cat-like breed that behaves like a cat. Cats often lick their owners to show affection.

Similarly, Shiba Inus tend to lick their owners to show they’re affectionate. It’s a sign of love and bonding. So, be thankful if your Shiba Inu licks you.


An affectionate Shiba Inu often gets excited when he sees his owner after a couple of hours or days. In excitement, he wiggles his tail, jumps on his owner, and howls. This may happen if you have a habit of giving him treats on arrival.

This excitement is good. It would be great to give him your attention as a way of appreciating his love. You can also tap him and hug him.

Following You

Some Shiba Inu may follow you everywhere or once in a while.  These types, just like German Shepherd dogs that follow you everywhere, are very affectionate Shiba Inus. 

However, Shiba Inus like watching you from a far distance as you leave. They hardly walk close behind you. However, it’s still another sign of being affectionate.


Do Shiba Inus like to sleep with you?

Yes, Shiba Inus likes to sleep with their owners. After all, they’re super clean breeds. However, Shiba Inus have no problem sleeping alone as long as the environment is safe and clean.

Does Shibas like to be held?

Shiba Inus don’t like to be held. However, when they feel like they want to, they’ll even sit on your lap and move their heads or backs against your legs. This, however, happens rarely.

Why does my Shiba Inu lick so much?

Shiba Inus lick their owners as a sign of affection. When they lick you, your body releases the “feel good” hormones that leave you happy.

They may also lick other animals to denote their dominance over them.

Shiba Inus also lick themselves when stressed, bored, or allergic to something.

Verdict: Do Shiba Inus Like to Cuddle?

Even though Shiba Inus don’t like to cuddle, they’re adorable dogs. Besides, each dog has a unique personality, just like we do.

However, if your primary aim is to cuddle, then think of another dog, such as a German shepherd.

Does your Shiba Inus like to cuddle? Share your experience in the comment section.

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