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Are Shiba Inus Easy To Train?

Are you thinking of getting a pup, a cat-like dog that can stay with you in your apartment? You’ve probably heard about a Shiba Inus dog that is clean and suitable for apartments and think it is exactly what you need. Unfortunately, you’ve also heard that Shiba Inus are stubborn, and you’re now wondering if he can be trained or not.

So, are Shiba Inus easy to train?

Shiba Inus are stubborn because they’re dependent and strong-minded dogs. As such, Shiba Inus are difficult to train. Professional training may help alleviate their stubbornness. Due to their unwillingness to follow instructions and relate well with other pets, Shiba Inus are not good for first-time owners, and they may be difficult to potty train.

Are Shiba Inus Good for First-Time Owners?

No, Shiba Inus are not good for first-time owners. Why? They are strong-willed, stubborn, and won’t obey every instruction you give!

Also, they were initially bred in Japan to hunt small prey. They, therefore, have a keen eye on small pets and dogs. They consider them to be prey and may want to attack them.

This can be challenging and heartbreaking for a first-time owner. However, Shiba Inus can live in harmony with other pets and their owners when given professional behavioral training.

 Are Shiba Inus Difficult to Train? Characteristics of Shibas

Shiba Inus, compared to other breeds, is said to be the most difficult breed to train.

Here’s why:

They’re Independent Minded

Shibas like to think for themselves. They choose to obey or disobey what they want. Unlike German shepherd dogs, Shiba Inus don’t do things to please their owners.

Rather, they’re self-reliant.

They Don’t Surrender Easily

Shiba doesn’t care whether you’ll punish him for disobeying you. If he doesn’t want to do what you’re commanding him, then you got to agree with him.

Otherwise, he might cause more chaos than you would wish.

It’s for this reason we discourage being harsh with them. Rewarding them works better than being harsh.

They Are Strong-Willed

Shiba Inus like to express their feelings regardless of how you feel towards them. If they are hungry, thirsty, or unhappy, they’ll put it clear. There are many ways Shiba Inus use to convey their feelings.

Are Shiba Inus Easy To Train?

It’s, therefore, vital to learn how to deal with each reaction in a friendly and professional manner. Otherwise, you’ll deal with a stubborn Shiba every day!

Why Are Shiba Inus So Stubborn?

Typically, Shibas are intelligent dogs. But are Shiba Inus difficult to train? Naturally, Shiba Inus are stubborn dogs. They have strong willpower that makes them want to do what they want, not what they hear!

Does that mean you cannot train a Shiba to obey all your instructions? Daniel, who has had a Shiba Inus since 2015, responds to a question on Quora by saying that his Shiba obeys only one command, “sit”! Margaret, who is a Nurse practitioner, says that she has no issues with her Shiba Inus as it obeys her.

So, what do we say? Are Shiba Inus hard to train or not?

Well, it all depends on your dog, as each has unique characteristics. They’re sensitive dogs. So, train them with love and be consistent. Also, have a training schedule.

Are Shiba Inus Easy to Potty Train?

Due to their characteristics, Shiba Inus are not easy to potty train. Nonetheless, like with other breeds, your dog is unique. Hence, we cannot conclude that it’s difficult to train all Shiba Inus. If your Shiba is still a puppy, it can be easy to potty-train him.

Once he gets everything right, he will grow knowing that’s how to do it. So, how do you potty train a Shiba Inus?

Shiba Inu Potty Training

Shiba Inus don’t like soiling themselves or living in dirty zones as they’re naturally clean. Depending on the type of your Shiba, you can train him to poop two times a day or more. Pups may need to poop a lot more than adult dogs.

Therefore, depending on the age, create a schedule for your puppy. For example, you can take him where his potty is 20 minutes after eating or waking up. Just check how frequently he poops and come up with a good schedule.

If you own several dogs, let each dog has his schedule.

For better results, when puppy training your Shiba Inus, offer treats that he loves. Give him immediately after he has used his potty. That’s how he gets to know why you treated him with goodies.

Whenever he uses his potty well, learn to use simple words such as “Good!” to congratulate him. Do this when giving him treats.

Whenever you notice he wants to poop in the wrong place, use terms such as “No!” and then direct him to the right place. Note, however, Shiba Inus potty training needs dedication, patience, and consistency. Love seals them all!

Obedience Training

For the best results in obedience training, start the training while your Shiba is still a pup. It’s much easier and takes less time than when dealing with an adult Shiba. Remember, he is young, so most likely, he is seeing people, cats, and other things for the first time if he has not seen them previously. How he treats a cat, a bird, a German shepherd dog, and strangers around your home solely depends on how you’ve trained him.   

So, start using simple commands such as “don’t bite,” “stop it,” “go,” “come,” “sleep,” “eat,” and “poop” while he is still young. He will understand that’s how you communicate with him, and he ought to obey.  

Are Shiba Inus Easy To Train?

Just like in potty training, reward him for reinforcing his good behavior. Even so, don’t let bad behavior go unpunished. Otherwise, it will get embedded in him.

Essential Tips To Consider When Training Shiba Inu

Generally, pet owners who love dogs often want to own every dog they can lay their hands on. However, due to the myth that Shiba Inus harmonize well with cats, most cat owners buy Shibas but get frustrated later. You don’t have to; here’s what you need to do to make yours obey you.

  • Offer professional training at a tender age
  • Reward good habits, punish bad behavior
  • Don’t give up on him so soon
  • Keep doing what you’ve been doing until it becomes part of him
  • Don’t be too aggressive during training sessions
  • Socialize him with other pets
  • Have a workable training schedule

The Verdict: Are Shiba Inus Easy To Train?

Shiba Inus are easy to train as long as it’s a professional behavioral trainer doing the training. Also, if you start training him at a tender age, it’s likely the session will be less stressful. Remember, though, that it is in their DNA to be stubborn.

So, even when he is a pup, be patient with him, offer treats to entice him, and be consistent. Avoid rebuking him harshly if he violates your instructions. Show him some love when correcting him.

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