Not Just
a Pet, But a Friend!

Planning to buy or adopt a pet? Maybe you're looking for the best ways to take care of your pet. We got your back!

Hi, I'm Mary Peter

I'm a Pet Lover and a Content Writer

Dog Information

Your closest friends and family members can leave you, but your pet will not! Never! Their love, frequent cuddles, and emotional support are priceless!


Pet training improves confidence, gives mental stimulation, and boosts the bond between animals & humans.

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Pig Information

Did you know that pigs are listed among the most intelligent animals? Now you know! Like dogs and other pets, pigs have the ability to use tools, learn simple commands, play games, and acknowledge their names!
Oh, aren't these enough reasons for owning a pig?

Dog Health

A balanced diet, plenty of exercise, a healthy weight, and parasite prevention are some of the best ways to keep your dog healthy.

Pig Health

Regular pig exercise keeps your pig free from obesity or constipation.
Regular vet checks are key in boosting a pig's good health.

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