Why Do German Shepherds Whine (1)

Why Do German Shepherds Whine: 5 Best Tips To Stop It?

In this post, I will tell you why German shepherds whine.

German shepherds are among the most vocal breeds. Whining is, therefore, part of them. Even so, at times, it can get too much and run out of hand.

So, why do German shepherds whine?

Hunger, boredom, excitement, anxiety, and pain make German shepherds whine.  German shepherds also whine when seeking attention. You can ignore whining German shepherds if he is doing it for attention.

To stop a German shepherd from crying, let him have plenty of exercise, rest, regular medical checkups, your company, and training.

Let’s get started by answering the question;

Why Does My German Shepherd Keep Whining?

Your German shepherd may keep whining due to one of the reasons discussed below:

Pain, Sick, or Injury

Does your dog look sick, hurt, or injured? Consider where he spent the day. Probably, your neighbor’s dog came home in your absence and attacked your GSD. You can tell if he is hurt in case he whines and limps.

In some cases, he could be stained with blood.

Still, he could be sick. Probably, he ate poisoned food. Why do German shepherd dogs whine when sick?

Of course, they are in pain or totally uncomfortable. Not sure if he is really sick?

Here’s what to look out for:

  • Excessive urinating
  • Irregular panting
  • Unpleasant breath
  • Diarrhea
  • Massive loss or weight gain
  • Drinking too much water or not drinking at all
  • Excessive drooling
  • Oversleeping or struggling to sleep
  • Cloudy and dry eyes

If it is a German shepherd puppy whining, then it could be teething signs and symptoms.

Capturing Attention

If, for example, you have other pets in your home, then you focus all your attention on them, your smart German shepherd dog will become jealous. Hence, whine. Also, if you have been busy for a long time and haven’t given him much attention, he’s likely to demand it through whining.

If by any chance you decide to give him your attention, then you’re in trouble. Every time he wants your attention, he’ll always whine.

Being Dominant

German shepherd dogs’ temper over cats and other animals can cause disaster if no training has been done yet. Apart from that, when with other animals such as the huskies, rabbits, chickens, goats, or cows, they are dominant.

If they, therefore, notice their authority isn’t being recognized, they’ll most likely whine. Either to scare the other animal away or to make them move to the right place, especially if they are grazing them.


GS can’t sleep all day without playing unless they are sick_they are active breeds. Hence, they need frequent exercising sessions. For example, swimming or playing with a pet toy.

Otherwise, if he stays indoors all day long, he’ll whine to express his need for exercise.

Excited Over Something New

Whenever your dog realizes you want to take him out or do something he loves, he’ll get excited. While at it, he’ll whine all along.

You can tell he is excited because he’ll jump endlessly or give you slobbery kisses while still whining and breathing fast!

Hungry or Thirsty

Contrary to your plans, you might spend a whole day away from home only to come back home late in the evening. What do you expect?

He’ll be running all over whining. He needs food or water. So, he’ll run or circulate his eating area waiting for you to feed him.

In such a case, it’s obvious; he is hungry and thirsty.

Just feed him as soon as you can.

Anxious and Fearful

Any time when your dog feels insecure, he gets anxious. It could be due to a new pet in your home, a visitor, or too much noise. In response, your dog trembles, pin his ears, pant excessively, and unwilling to eat. He could also start circling for too long or hide.

In the worst cases, he could have diarrhea. All along, he’ll be whining as a way of demanding your attention.

How Do You Stop a German Shepherd from Crying? 

When a German shepherd snarl or whines, it can be annoying, especially if it prolongs. Here are the best tips to stop these habits:

Ignore It

If all he wants is your attention or is he’s jealous that you’re spending more time with other pets, just ignore him.

Otherwise, if you lender the attention he’s seeking, he’ll always behave that way. However, do not love other pets way more than your GSD. Balance so that no pet feels neglected. You wouldn’t want anyone to neglect you either. Would you?

Reward Him

Some situations don’t require you to ignore your dog. For instance, if he whines at night, there could be a security concern. Such calls for immediate attention. He could save your lives. If he does, he needs to be rewarded.

The reward makes him understand he did a fantastic job. Next time, he’ll still be willing to whine when he detects any forthcoming danger. So, tap him, congratulate him, and give him high-value dog treats.

Seek Help from a Vet

Whenever whining occurs due to sickness, pain, or injury, the best thing to do is to seek medical attention. Call your vet without delay.

Whether it’s minor cold, never ignore it. If he whines because he is sick, then he needs your attention. Let the professionals do their work and save your buddy’s life.

Keep Him Busy

Apart from exercise, you could also keep your GS dog busy. He’s an intelligent dog. Therefore, he learns every command you give him if you have trained him. As such, you can teach him to bring you things such as a mobile phone whenever it rings. Command him to lock the door or open it.

Send him out to shepherd the goats and cows, if any. The aim here is to keep him busy so as not to get bored or seek attention when it’s not necessary.

Alternatively, you can take him out to swim if he has the necessary training.

Train Him

Is your dog three months old or younger? Great, you can offer him training so that he abandons every weird behavior, for instance, whining when he should not.

Worried that your dog is much older than that? No problem. You can still train him. Unfortunately, you might need some professional help to make the exercise easier, fast, and stress-free.

So, look for a training institute to train your dog natural intelligence.

Do German Shepherd Dogs Cry For Attention?

Yes, German shepherd dogs cry for attention if the behavior has been reinforced. Reinforcing happens when you give him the attention he is asking for through crying/whining. Reinforcing occurs when you touch him or turn your face towards him after he whines.

Don’t be surprised; even scolding him when he cries for attention would work in the same way treats do.

Should You Ignore A Whining German Shepherd Dog?

Yes, you should ignore a whining German shepherd dog if he ONLY whines to get undeserved attention.

You can do this by walking away from him without turning your face towards him. Grab a remote and watch your TV. Or, just fold your hands, place your legs on the table and then take a small nap.

The aim is to make him know you’re not bothered by his cry.

It can be irritating, I know.  But have some self-control and ignore it for some days. It’s for your own good, not unless if you want to reinforce the behavior and deal with the habit forever.

It’s time to hear from you:

Why has your German shepherd been whining? What’s the strategy that works best in stopping him from whining?

Share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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