About Us

I’m Mary, the owner and founder of dailypetscare.com. I’ve grown up loving cats, my favorite one being Johny! Johny taught me one precious thing; pets share the same measure of love as the one according to them!

In other words, if you don’t love your pets, they’ll equally not love you. Your pets can measure the amount of love you accord them through:

  • Your availability to play and spend time with them, to mention but a few
  • The quantity and type of food you give
  • The type of treatment they receive
  • Attention is given to them

The above lessons transformed how I view, treat, and care for my pets. Over time, I came to love other pets, such as birds and dogs.

Of course, most people don’t know how to give their pets the best care.

Regardless of the type of pet you adorn, all pets love to be treated well.

Daily Pets Care is committed to giving you information that enables you to give your pets the best care and treatment.

How Trustworthy Is The Information On Daily Pets Care?

I cannot depend on the information I’ve acquired through personal experience. As such, I work with a team.

The team is made up of pet owners, researchers, writers, editors, and administrators. The team ensures that the information is accurate, correct, reliable, and free from grammatical errors.

So, yes, our information is 100 percent trustworthy.

Even so, we don’t offer medical services. On the contrary, we recommend the services of highly qualified and experienced vets.

Also, we don’t recommend substandard pet products. Though we are selling the products to earn a commission (at no extra expense to you), our team always does enough research to ensure the best products.

To Know More About Us, Our Services, or our Products; Contact Us

We have a customer care representative. She will respond to all your concerns about us, our products, or our services. Alternatively, she will link you to the right person.

You can, therefore, reach her by filling out the form on our contact us page.