What Do Guinea Pigs Like to Do with Humans?

What Do Guinea Pigs Like to Do with Humans?

Guinea pigs are intelligent small pets that love human companionship. Like all pets, they also yearn so much for the protection, love, and care of human beings. Although they don’t like excessive handling, they won’t mind the gentle cuddles and stroking.

Indeed, they sometimes need space, but it won’t be long before they crave that human presence and attention. So what do guinea pigs like to do with humans?

Guinea pigs like friendly interactions with human beings like cuddling, petting, leaning on the chest, enjoying sessions of fur-brushing, and gently dangling from your two hands. When a guinea pig likes you, it eats from your fingers, licks you, approaches you when you call its name, and treats you to “happy sounds.”

What Do Guinea Pigs Like to Do with Humans?

Interacting with human beings is high on the list of the emotional needs of these great pets that need minimal human supervision! They love physical contact, exercise sessions, and human chest support. There are many ways these furry rodents, as tiny as they are, can relate in a friendly manner with you.

Although they don’t like excessive physical contact, guinea pigs love a gentle human hand! These pets are highly prone to loneliness, and they quickly become gloomy and spiritless if left alone for a long time. It’s simply unnatural for them, and it can lower their lifespan.

Over time, these pets get used to your voice, and that helps in bonding with them. However, always remember to approach your guinea pig with calm energy. Anything less than that creates discomfort or health problems.

Guinea pigs need a daily exercise regime, and it makes them happier because they feel well cared for. So, you can buy your small pet an exercise wheel that it can see in the cage. A large enclosed space is ideal.

However, as intelligent as they are, they easily read anxiety and sadness. So, stay happy while around them because your good emotions will also keep them happy and healthy! Nudge them, gently shove them, stroke them, and allow them to enjoy the fresh air out of their cages. One hour a day would be enough.

The Affectionate Chest Support

When it comes to physical contact, there’s nothing that wins the trust of your guinea pig more than a cuddly touch. 

What Do Guinea Pigs Like to Do with Humans?

While well cuddled in your chest, guinea pigs use your scent, voice, and aura to bond with you. It also feels so special and secure to them when you rest their feet on your chest. This is usually the opportune time to talk to him and create a strong bridge of familiarity and trust.

When picking them up, do it with both hands for proper support and avoid hurting them. If you don't want to hold them on your chest, make their hind legs rest on your lap, and hold the two front legs with your hands.

Coat Brushing and Chatting

Like dogs, guinea pigs love the gentle and soothing stroking of their fur. They take this as a bonding session and maybe your only way of building trust with you. Nonetheless, ensure you stroke it in the direction of its growth. That way, it won't be painful or, at worst, pull off some hair and injure him.

It looks overrated to say that you're “chatting” with your guinea pig. He may not answer you, but he takes it all in. A soft purr suggests you’ve earned its trust. Guinea pigs let out a lot by being in the presence of their favorite humans.

What Do Guinea Pigs Do When They Like You?

If a guinea pig makes some relaxing sounds like a soft purr, munches vegetables from your fingers, and treats you to highly affectionate kisses, it likes you!

Try this in the presence of your guinea pig. Hold some vegetables or herbs in your hand and wait for his reaction. If he runs straight to you and munches on the greens from your fingers without a second thought, that’s a clear indicator he likes you!

A prey instinct guides guinea pigs, and it takes time to “trust” a human being. A guinea pig that slowly creeps up to your fingers, snatches the food you have for it, and darts away to a quiet corner is communicating something. He has some trust issues. 

What Do Guinea Pigs Like to Do with Humans?

Nonetheless, if he dares to approach you, you should feed him his favorite snack more often. It's also a good pet care habit to ensure that the diet of your pet is good. Therefore, get the best pig food from any pet store near you or order some online. Sometimes, you could also give it fresh vegetables, especially if you have baby guinea pigs, too.

It's also necessary to note that these pets love to chew often. So, have chew toys accessible in the guinea pigs' cage.

If you give such treatment to your domesticated, playful pet and give it affectionate cuddles, you'll increase its trust!

He doesn’t like you if he cannot even dare sniff food in your hands. Nonetheless, it’s not the time to give up. With patience and yummy treats, affection will blossom. Love experts tell us that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It works for guinea pigs, too!

Guinea Pig’s Sounds and Kisses of Love

I’ve said before that a guinea pig that likes you eats from your fingers. Most times, it doesn’t end there. If you maintain your “cool” master manners, it treats you to further signs of affection. They’ll run towards you when you call their name. Further, they’ll chortle and purr to let you know that they enjoy your company.

If you realize that your guinea pig lays low like an envelope and lets its hind legs kick out when you cuddle it, it has found a friend in you. However, this is not where it's most interesting. When a guinea pig licks you, it's indeed “kissing” you—the ultimate display of affection!

Do Guinea Pigs Like to Play with Humans?

Yes, guinea pigs like playing with humans. Guinea pigs amuse themselves by playing with one another. However, nothing beats the excitement of playing with human beings. This is one act that can make some guinea pigs jealous if they don't get equal attention from you.

Playing with your guinea pig not only helps in bonding but is also good for the pet’s health. It entertains him and keeps him active and stimulated. A healthy pet keeps the vet away!

Exciting Games for Your Guinea Pig

There are many games that a guinea pig can take an interest in. Nonetheless, it’s important to pay attention to your pet’s personality. Some are timid others are curious. Others are outgoing, while others are quiet.

Trying a rough game on a usually reserved pig or a thoughtful game on a pig trying a different thing every minute may not work. Games should mean fun for your pet.

Check his reaction to your game. Just leave him alone if he exhibits a cold stare or is reluctant. Finally, never surprise a guinea pig. They rarely appreciate it. Let him know you’re coming.

Below is a list of exciting games for guinea pigs:

  • Hide and seek
  • Peek-a-boo when your pet is in a hideaway
  • Dragging a toy or rolling a ball across the room for him to chase


How Do I Entertain My Guinea Pig?

You entertain your guinea pig by giving him toys and surprising him with some treats. Although guinea pigs are highly intelligent and social, they’re not emotionally strong. They’ll get bored easily and risk getting gloomy, fat, and sick.

Guinea pig toys are some of the best stimulants for guinea pigs. Toys help them satisfy their rodent chewing instincts, exercise, and keep them occupied.

You don’t have to spend much on toys. If you don’t want to go to get toys from the shops, you can make some at home. Paper bags for hiding in and a sock stuffed with clean animal bedding for chewing are good examples of pig toys. Alternatively, you can crumple up a paper for the guinea pig. They enjoy the noise the crumpled paper makes.

Guinea pigs also love treats. This is where you need to get more creative. For instance, all guinea pigs love carrots. Sometimes, hang carrots or herbs on strings around the cage as some form of healthy treat.

However, there’s a need for diversification if a particular foodstuff is to feel like a treat.

How Do I Bond with My Guinea Pig?

The best way to bond with your guinea pig is by spending time and playing with it so that he gets used to you. He appreciates a lovely “chat,” too; do not stay mum throughout the session.

Nonetheless, you should exercise some control over the bonding process. Never thrust your hand into the cage. It’s better to entice your pet with a treat instead. Buy piggy treats in the best guinea pig food store to ensure he stays healthy.

What Do Guinea Pigs Like to Do with Humans?

Guinea pig floor time is also crucial for bonding, but always ensure that it is warm so that he doesn't suffer from pneumonia. Also, ensure that it is free from litter. This is when your friend is exploring his new environment as you lie near him. Allow him to run helter skelter.

He’ll finally try to satisfy his curiosity by sniffing your body and building trust with you. Don't force it. They feel less anxious when allowed to explore peacefully.

Ultimately, there are some bonding games ideal for guinea pigs. Besides music, hide and seek, tunnel race, and rolling a ball are thrilling to them. So, Guinea pigs are good pets for children, too. Shove them around as you play sweet, soothing music!


Guinea pigs are small animals that are naturally very social. Though they are not the most social animals, they love spending time with their owners, and it helps them to get along well with them. Hence, don't keep them in their pet cage for so long; spare time and be with them.

Pigs, as pets, will do everything from squirming loudly to scratching you to get your attention. Yes, it gets that serious. If you keep off your guinea pig, it develops a bad mood but will greatly appreciate your human touch. He likes it when you cuddle, pet, or chat with him!

However, due to their strong, discerning nature, they won’t do this with everyone, thanks to their exceptional intelligence. You have to undergo a rigorous process of building trust. Remember that it's not optional but crucial to spare time for your guinea pig. Also, make it your duty to visit a veterinarian often to have your domesticated pet undergo a check, just to be sure he is in good health.

Excellent guinea pig care equals a long guinea pig lifespan.

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