Can Guinea Pigs Feel Love?

Can Guinea Pigs Feel Love? Sure Signs They Feel Loved!

Guinea pigs are petite but fascinating small pets. If you've been close to these small animals, you know how these creatures can scare the hell out of you by just staring at you. Well, I don't mean a fleeting glance. I mean, a solid two-minute stare! 

We know that guinea pigs are intelligent. However, their strange behavior arouses a big question in the minds of pet lovers; can guinea pigs feel love?

Yes, guinea pigs feel love. In reality, they feel love for their owners and go on to create strong bonds, just like dogs and cats. Furthermore, guinea pigs feel affection, and their resulting behavior tells you whether they're affectionate or not. 

I know this is quite shallow; why don't we delve deeper into the issue?

Can Guinea Pigs Feel Love

Just like other small pets, guinea pigs do feel love. The little creature that looks more like a rat than a pet is capable of sensing your deliberate display of affection and reacting to it. That's especially so if you do it in a way that it can understand.

Can Guinea Pigs Feel Love?
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

However, their affection isn’t love at first sight. You'll need to cultivate it. Out in the wild, guinea pigs come low in the food chain and are prey for a large number of predators. Being scared of everything is a survival tactic ingrained in their DNA.

So their affection is pegged on one thing; their security. If you treat them with tenderness and care, they quickly grasp that frequency. 

When they finally feel at ease, they'll start returning the favor. As we shall soon see, they start behaving freely around you. If you find the little creature brushing its body around your feet, then it's a clear indicator that it has already felt your love and is paying back!

Do Guinea Pigs Feel Affection?

Sure, guinea pigs are very affectionate creatures. That statement is quite a mouthful, and there's a need to break it down. If something is affectionate, it can readily feel or show fondness. It also easily becomes sociable.

We've already settled the fact that for a guinea pig to show affection, then it has to see some in you. Affection is a little bit different from love, although they're intertwined. Like jealousy, it involves a physical display of love. 

If you caress and play with your domesticated guinea pig, it won't stay there blank and confused. It absorbs the affection! Good Guinea pig care makes your pet loving and affectionate!

How do you know the pigs feel loved? It pays back physically. A lick here and a kiss there are the most common ways for guinea pigs to show their physical intimacy with their lovely owners. Though guinea pigs mostly lick each other during grooming, they'll go the extra mile and lick you if you've been an excellent master.

It's quite easy to confuse a lick and a kiss. Amazingly, this small pet knows the difference (tongue in cheek)! They'll bite you gently with their lips for a short while and let go. They're so smart at it; they don't expose their teeth while at it, though.

Furthermore, they also show affection as the cat shows, nuzzling. That's rubbing their body against yours. Moreover, if you tickle guinea pigs, they react just like cats. They'll relax and emit a lovely purr.

Do Guinea Pigs Feel Love For Their Owners?

Yes, guinea pigs can create love bonds with their human masters. The relationship isn’t different from that of pet lovers and their cats or dogs. Would you believe it if I told you that a guinea pig could identify its master from the scent, voice, or even appearance? 

Well, that doesn't happen for everyone. It happens to certain people; those guinea pigs love!

However, this doesn't come easy at all times. It may take time and effort for the little creature to trust you. Little things matter when taking care of your guinea pigs. For example, a hug could mean heaven to him. These small pets also love being touched, so it helps in bonding with them.

Also, buy some piggy treats from the pet stores and give him. Not a problem if you can't afford treats. You could try giving him kale, broccoli, carrots, and other veggies.

Grass hay is also good for guinea pigs. Nevertheless, none of these should be given to you pigs, especially baby guinea pigs, on a daily basis as they could cause diarrhea or other health problems. Better still, seek further advice from the nearest veterinarian on the best Guinea pig food to ensure he stays happy and healthy as well as playful.

So, cautiously give them even though you want to make them feel good as you prove your love and affection to them!

So what are those tell-tale signs that your little buddy loves you? Well, they’re many. Read on. 

How Do You Know If A Guinea Pig Loves You?

You'll know a guinea pig loves you if it stays close to you. Plus, if it wants to cuddle and play with you. If it happily runs your way when you approach your guinea pig's cages and isn’t aggressive toward you, it loves you.

Such a guinea pig's lifespan could increase. That's why I highly discourage keeping your guinea pigs in a pet care cage all day, as loneliness could make them feel sad and separated from their owners.

That sounds quite vague, right?

The best way to delve into this would be to mention some common signs of love from your little pet.

  • Feeding from your hand: If your guinea pig allows you to feed it, you should count yourself lucky. It loves you!
  • Not biting you: An aggressive pet simply tells you that it's nervous and doesn't trust you. It does so every time you try to touch it. However, a guinea pig that “melts” under your touch shows that it's comfortable with you and loves you.
  • Climbs and sits on you: Guinea pigs that sit on your lap and run all over you send a message of love. They show that you're their special “safe place.”
  • Nibbling your toes: Once a guinea pig feels at home with you, you'll find it gently biting your toes or shoes. However, you should be very keen on this. If it's not gentle, it might be trying to bite. Don't stick your finger into the cage before you're sure it's acting out of love.

Do Guinea Pigs Love Kisses?

Yes, guinea pigs love kisses. However, they aren't free to kiss anybody. They prefer engaging in a kiss with someone they trust and have formed a bond of love.

Nevertheless, I would advise that you take that advice with a pinch of salt. Here’s why: Guinea pigs, just like human beings, have varying preferences for kissing. 

Image by Michael Mosimann from Pixabay

You cannot know your pet's reaction before you try. So, go on and give it a gentle peck. If it squirms or tries to free itself, the message is very clear; your pet hasn't felt your love yet. Sadly!

Often the dislike for affection like kissing originates from some discomfort or sickness. So, if your pet is in pain, it may decide to withdraw from all acts of fun. Perhaps it's not yet used to you, and that may be its source of discomfort.

On the part of preferences, a guinea pig may just be genetically wired to seek or show affection in other ways other than kissing.

You could, therefore, try to build companionship with your furry friend by going to your guinea pig cage to give him treats. Maintain physical contact by gently touching him. Calmly call out his name and try to maintain eye contact with him.

You could also hug him; it's another way of showing affection. Guinea pigs are great pets, and it shouldn't be long before they learn your love language and signs of affection!

Do Guinea Pigs Miss You?

Yes, guinea pigs miss you if you have created a strong bond. Therefore, when you come back home, they'll engage in a dance of joy and squeak so hard that the neighbors will hear. The increased activity when they see you means one thing: they felt abandoned in your absence and are happy with the reunion.

Do Guinea Pigs Remember Their Old Owners?

Definitely, guinea pigs vividly remember their old owners. However, you'll need to work on a strong bond first. If that's sorted, then they'll never forget you.

You may get surprised to speak to them after months of separation. They'll be turning round and round looking for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Guinea Pigs Like To Be Petted?

Yes, guinea pigs like to be petted after they've built some trust with you. Even after years of domestication, guinea pigs have that prey instinct where they flee anything coming onto their body. One way of building that trust is by bribing them with some treats.

Once you start petting them, bring along a snack. You'll condition it to think you always hold it to feed it. Once that is the case, it remains at ease every time you touch it.

However, it’s good to note that not all guinea pig breeds love petting. Some have their fur growing in erratic contours that may make caressing painful. Furthermore, a mite-infested guinea pig might find petting painful.

Do Guinea Pigs Feel Sad?

Yes, guinea pigs occasionally feel sad when for example, they are depressed or bullied.  The loss of a fellow guinea pig through death or transfer may cause depression. These pets are social animals. Staying alone causes misery.

A guinea pig may also become sad if it’s under constant threat of bullying from a more assertive guinea pig. Additionally, always ensure the pet's cage is big enough. Why? A squeezed cage also stresses a guinea pig.

Can Guinea Pigs Feel Love?
Image by Katya36 from Pixabay

If your little pet has reduced appetite, is inactive, doesn't respond, and isn't curious, then there's all the likelihood that it’s sad.

How Do You Cheer Up A Sad Guinea Pig?

To cheer up your sad guinea pig, you need to keep it company and show affection. Let it hear your voice, carry it, cuddle it, and pet its fur as gently and repeatedly as possible. All these are ways of expressing affection.

Moreover, if the guinea pig is alone, try to look for a partner. Guinea pigs are social by nature. If you keep more than one guinea pig, you'll realize that the level of activity and exercise increases.


Can guinea pigs feel love? Yes, absolutely! However, you shouldn't expect a strong bond between you and your little friend to take shape overnight. Invest heavily in the language of love that it understands. Although they’re not fast learners like cats and dogs, they finally “read” your behavior.

A guinea pig is affectionate. When it finally “feels” the love, it responds back by entrusting itself to you for its security. Furthermore, it spends time around you, reacts to your voice, eats from your hand, and nibbles your fingers affectionately.

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