Do Shiba Inus Drool?

Do Shiba Inus Drool?

So, your Shiba has suddenly started drooling, and you’re wondering if something could have gone wrong.

Once in a while, Shibas drool. It’s the same with other breeds, too. However, when it becomes the order of the day, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong. Also, if there are other signs alongside drooling, swift action is key. Drooling could as well turn tragic. You can’t wait for that.

So, do Shiba Inus drool?

Shiba Inus drool; it’s normal! Saliva is vital for the digestion of food. However, when it's in excess, drooling is a symptom of an underlying health problem. For example, build-up of tartar, tooth fracture, esophagus, tumors in the mouth, or gum irritation, among others. Shibas drool more as they age due to vulnerability to kidney failure and liver issues.

Drooling: What Is It?

Also known as ptyalism, drooling is the increased flow of saliva in a Shiba’s mouth. It’s a result of the increased accumulation of saliva. Consequently, saliva drips through the pendulous lips (flews) until they shake off their heads. However, the folds collect the saliva flowing from their mouths before dripping through the flews. 

Such dogs have more skin around the muzzle and lips. Unfortunately, their lips/heads cannot hold the drool coming from their mouth.


Do Shiba Inus Drool?

You are not likely to see a Shiba Inu drooling all the time, but once in a while, they do. Under normal circumstances, Shiba Inus drool when they see you’re setting their meal ready for them. When stressed or anxious, Shiba Inus may also drool.

This is a sign that they’re uneasy due to what they’re seeing or hearing.

Remember, they have a short muzzle. Therefore, saliva collects in Shiba’s cheeks. Consequently, when they take water or vigorously shake their head, they drool.

Such cases cause normal drooling in Shiba Inus.

Is Drooling a Symptom In Shiba Inus?

Though it’s normal for Shiba Inus to drool, it can as well be a symptom of a serious health problem. You can tell this if he starts drooling more often than he did.

Or if there are other symptoms that indicate something is wrong with him.

Drooling could, therefore, be a symptom of:

Dental and Oral Problems

Ulcers, cracking of the teeth, growths, and any mouth disease are some of the oral problems that your Shiba inus could have.

The most common dental problem among Shiba Inus is the build-up of tartar. Tartar causes the growth of bacteria.

As a result, your Shiba suffers from illnesses such as periodontal and gingivitis.

Infected or inflamed gums, on the other hand, cause soreness. Consequently, bony tissues erode, and his teeth fracture or fall out easily because of being loose, thus causing your Shiba Inus to drool.

Do Shiba Inus Drool

So, when you notice he is drooling, check for signs such as swelling of the gums, bleeding, and redness.

Also, tartar browns the teeth; thus should be a sure sign that he needs to see a vet.

Kidney and Liver Problems

Liver problems and kidney failure in Shiba Inu cause drooling, too. These, however, should not be the first thing to think of when you notice that your Shiba has started drooling. There should also be other signs.

For example, vomiting, bad breath, excessive weight loss, increased or decreased water intake, among others.

Heat Stroke

Whenever a Shiba Inu gets exposed to the sun for too long, they suffer from heatstroke. Hence, they’ll drool to cool down.

Prevent heatstroke by supplying your Shiba Inus with enough clean drinking water, especially if you’re having a walk with him during summer.

However, drooling is not the only symptom of heatstroke in Shiba Inu dogs. Excessive panting, lethargy, fatigue, and unresponsiveness are also signs of heatstroke.

Severe heatstroke causes struggles in breathing. When such happens, you should call a vet with immediate effect.

Motion Sickness

If you leave your Shiba home all the time when having a ride, it’s likely he will have motion sickness the next time you have him on board. As a result, he drools when he experiences nausea.

Try to have him on board when having short rides and gradually increase the distance. This makes it possible for him to get used to long rides.

It’s also necessary to give him motion sickness medicine before having him on board. Do also seek help from your vet.

Foreign Objects

Dogs don’t have the ability to remove any foreign bodies from their teeth. As such, once a Shiba Inu eats meat or chews bones, it’s possible to have some bones get stuck in his teeth.

Since he cannot remove it, he gets uncomfortable and keeps his mouth open throughout, which leads to drooling.

If you notice any foreign objects in his teeth, try to remove them. In case you cannot handle it, take him to a vet.

It helps to brush your Shiba’s teeth every day. It’s a sure way of ensuring his dental condition is okay and seeking medical attention when necessary.

Stomach Problems

Stomach problems in Shiba Inus cause drooling. A Shiba’s stomach gets upset when he eats something he is not used to, which makes him uncomfortable.

In addition, the intake of poisonous substances causes stomach problems that result in drooling. Note, however, that substances such as toy parts could also cause drooling when swallowed.

Do Shiba Inus Drool?

Can Anxiety Cause Drooling In Dogs?

Anxiety in Shiba Inu dogs causes heavy breathing and panting. Consequently, they drool.

When Shiba Inus are stressed, they drool more, too. This is understandable and normal.

You can try to ease the situation for your Shiba by tapping his back to make him know that it is okay.

How Can I Help My Dog Stop Drooling?

Depending on the cause of drooling, you can help your Shiba Inus stop drooling by:

  • Giving him enough water to drink
  • Storing poisonous food away from his reach
  • Allowing him enough time for exercise to ease tension and lower stress
  • Brushing his teeth every day to remove any stuck debris in his teeth
  • Take him for regular medical check-ups to identify early signs of kidney or liver issues
  • Desensitize your Shiba Inu to car rides
  • Give him the recommended foods to avoid stomach problems

Do Shiba Inu Dogs Drool More As They Age?

As Shiba Inus ages, they may drool more. Why is that the case? Most aged Shibas suffer from kidney failure. Liver problem is also another common disease among aged Shibas.

These two diseases cause drooling.

Hence, it’s possible for a Shiba Inu to drool more as he ages.

An older Shiba Inu is also often vulnerable to growth in his mouth, which results in drooling. If untreated, growth may become cancerous and claim the life of your Shiba.

So, yes, Shiba Inus drool more as they age!

Why Is My Shiba Inu Dog Drooling and Licking His Lips?

When a Shiba Inus notices that you’re preparing his meal or serving it, he will drool and lick his lips. Just like we salivate when we see our favorite meal.

Here’s what happens. A Shiba Inu’s oral secretion system is responsible for the production of saliva. This system works in handy with Shiba’s stomach and his digestive system.

Saliva, on the other hand, is essential for food digestion in Shiba Inus’ bodies.  As a result, Shiba’s body gets ready to digest the food once it is in the stomach.

It’s, therefore, normal and healthy for a Shiba Inus to drool during his mealtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a dog suddenly start drooling?

It’s likely he is experiencing some pain in his body. It could be a fracture, toothache, anxiety, blotting, or excitement upon seeing his favorite meal set before him.

Why does my dog drool when I eat?

Just like Shiba Inus drool when they see their meals, your Shiba Inus drool when you eat due to the smell of the food. Also, the sight of food causes drooling in Shibas.

Especially when he is hungry, Shiba might want to have a part in the meal and hence drool more. Ensure that he has enough food every day to avoid such cases.

Why is my dog drooling and licking his paws?

Your Shiba Inus could be drooling and licking his paws because he feels uneasy. Alternatively, the paws could be hurting. Hence, licking them is a way of relieving the pain.

Such is possible if he has been walking on the snow without protective boots.

Also, walking on rough surfaces for an extended time and stepping on something that hurts him causes drooling and paw licking.

Parting Shot

Shiba Inus are dogs equal to other breeds; hence, they drool. It’s normal for a Shiba Inus to drool.

That’s not to say that if you notice uneasiness in your Shiba or any other alarming symptom alongside drooling, you should ignore it.

Drooling is only normal when it happens under normal circumstances, such as when he is anxious, ready for a meal, and exposed to high temperatures, among others.

How has it been with your Shiba? Does your Shiba Inus drool?

Leave your answer in the comment section.

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