Can a German Shepherd Kill a Fox, Bear, and Coyote?

Can a German Shepherd Kill a Fox, Bear, and Coyote?

German shepherd dogs are best known for their guarding and herding abilities. Farmers love German shepherds because they protect sheep without any human assistance.

However, wolves, foxes, bears, and coyotes are a primary pain to sheep owners. The Natural Agricultural Statistics Service reports that in 2004, approximately 224,220 sheep died in the U.S. That was equivalent to a loss of 18.3 million dollars.

Foxes were responsible for 1.9% of sheep deaths, eagles-2.8%, bears-3.8%, bobcats-4.9%, cougars-5.7%, domestic dogs-13.3%, and 60.5-coyotes.  The major concern among farmers was can a German shepherd kill a fox, bear, and coyote.

A German shepherd can kill any wild animal if it wishes. They’re aggressive and have the necessary speed and intelligence. However, German shepherds are naturally protective. Though they have all it takes to kill a wild animal, they rarely do so. Hence, they may expose themselves to death or torture when they encounter a wild animal.    

We will discuss the possible occurrences in case your German shepherd encounters a wild animal. Bear in mind, though, that each dog is unique.

Also, how you train and treat your dog directly impacts how aggressive he will be when he encounters a wild animal.  

So, how do you ensure your German shepherd is safe? We will discuss this and more in this article.

Can a German Shepherd Kill a Coyote?

To effectively determine if a German shepherd can kill a coyote, we need to consider their bite force. Calculated in pounds per square inch (psi), wolves’ bite force is approximately 400 to 1200. In general, dogs have a psi of 230 to 250. However, German shepherds are more fierce than ordinary dogs. They have a psi of approximately 238.

German shepherds cannot beat a wolf. In case of a fierce battle, German shepherds would not kill a wolf either. If anything, he may get killed. If, however, he is lucky to survive, he may nurse bad injuries afterward. Regardless of how intelligent they are, they don’t have the strength needed to win a battle.

Just like trained German shepherds, wolves are unlikely to attack unless their territories are taken for granted. Nonetheless, their psi can go up to 1200 depending on the prevailing circumstances, for example, when a wolf is fighting for food or protecting her young one.

That’s to say; if a German shepherd tampers with the temperament of a wolf, it could likely be killed. 

Can a German Shepherd Kill a Fox?

Adult German shepherds are bigger than foxes. For this reason, foxes happen to fear them.

German shepherds can kill a fox because they’re stronger and bigger. The Bite Force Quotient (BFQ) of foxes is about 92. That’s much lower than that of German shepherds.

Naturally, German shepherds feel more like ‘kings’ in the presence of foxes and would want to prove so by attacking. Can a German shepherd kill a fox, therefore?

In case of a battle for food or other reasons, a German shepherd dog would beat a fox.  German shepherds can also kill a fox to protect their rights or their puppies. Even so, in instances where the German shepherd has a physical disability, a fox might win the battle and kill a German shepherd dog.

Sometimes foxes can be out in the day in search of food. They specifically love pets’ food. If they see open garbage behind your yard, they’ll want to look for a meal there.

While they avoid adult German shepherds, they can attack and kill German shepherd puppies.

This is only possible if their mother is not around or if they’re left alone in the night.

Can a German Shepherd Kill a Bear?

Bears are feared due to their powerful jaw muscles. They can mercilessly tear the flesh of a German shepherd to death. Moreover, an adult bear is bigger than most adult German shepherds. Besides, a German shepherd cannot outrun a bear.

Can a German shepherd kill a bear, therefore?

A German shepherd cannot kill a bear. A bear is more powerful and stronger than a German shepherd. German shepherds may scare away a bear without necessarily attacking them. Nonetheless, German shepherds are protective; thus, they would instead try to kill a bear and lose their lives than watch their owners being killed by a bear.

It’s worth noting that German shepherds trained to serve in the military forces may kill a bear. Even so, if brought together, a bear can happily live and play with a German shepherd dog.

Can a German Shepherd Kill a Deer?

Since German shepherds are commonly used to herd and trace intruders by the police, they’ll often find their way into the forest. A deer love such places. It’s possible, therefore, for a German shepherd to meet a deer while on his mission.

What do you think? Can a German shepherd kill a deer?

An adult German shepherd is not likely to kill an adult deer. A deer, on the other hand, is a quiet animal that may not want to start a fight. If anything, he is likely to run away from a German shepherd. Even so, in a case where his calves or food is threatened, he can attack a German shepherd and kill him.  

All the same, some German shepherds are naturally dangerous and may attack a deer and kill him. It heavily depends on how you have trained your GSD. Take, for example, a German shepherd trained to hunt; he is likely to defend himself when he meets a deer, hence killing him.

If the two engage in a fierce battle, your hunting buddy may win but come home with serious injuries.

Can a German Shepherd Attack a Snake?

Snakes such as inland taipan can cause instant death to people. Other less poisonous snakes may be a threat to pets and chickens. Now that a German shepherd is trained to herd and protect you, can a German shepherd kill and attack a snake?

German shepherds are not afraid of snakes. In fact, they play with harmless snakes all the time. Whenever they see a harmful snake, German shepherds bark to keep snakes away as well as send a warning to you. Snakes, however, tend to be poisonous. So, when they bite your German shepherd dog, he will likely die instantly, thereby rendering the snake the winner.

In some instances, though, when the German shepherd notices he is in danger or his food and pups are at risk, he is likely to attack the snake.

Depending on how smart he is, he may win or lose the battle. If a poisonous snake happens to bite a German shepherd, he is likely to die. It doesn’t matter to a German shepherd dog; he would rather try to do his best before breathing his last than just watch when he can protect his own.

Can a German Shepherd Kill a People?

For the longest time, German shepherds have been human’s best companions. They play, eat, sleep, and do all sorts of things with people. They love pleasing, so they will do anything to make humans happy, even if it means having their lives at risk.

But can a German shepherd kill a man?

German shepherds have powerful bites. A study by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHS) noted that, depending on bites’ brutality and occurrence, GSDs are the most dangerous breeds. Hence, German shepherds can attack intruders who dare to attack their owners. If their owners are a threat, German shepherds can kill them, too.

Study shows that from 1979 to 2005, approximately 19 humans were killed by dogs. On average, every dog breed causes at least 1 death, German shepherds included.

In 2019, a study conducted by the dog bites organization showed that human deaths caused by German shepherd dogs amounted to 4 percent (Chart below).

However, between 2005 and 2019, human deaths by dogs increased. At least 521 Americans were killed. 

This is not to say that German shepherds cannot dwell in harmony with humans. Of course, they can, and they do. However, their upbringing determines how well they treat people.

A dog that has been brought up in a ruthless environment is likely to attack people. His line of duty is also likely to determine how he would treat both the old and the young.

In one case, a mother aged 30, Breanna Henson, was arrested after a German shepherd killed her baby while she was asleep. In another instance, an 88-year-old, Jill Peterson, while clearing a drainage ditch, met her death after being killed by 6 German shepherd dogs.

Needless to say, more, German shepherds can kill people of any age.

Can a German Shepherd Kill a Rottweiler?

It’s unlikely for any dog to kill another breed. Besides, trained German shepherds are calm and only bark to grasp the attention of their owners. They only attack and kill if their owners are in danger. Since their sense of smell is high, they can tell when a Rottweiler is around them or several miles away.

Trained German shepherds can live in harmony with Rottweiler as long as they master and manage their aggressiveness. Nonetheless, a Rottweiler’s bite is more hostile than that of a German shepherd. A German shepherd, on the other hand, is fast than a Rottweiler.

What happens, therefore, in case of a disagreement between the two breeds? Can a German shepherd kill a Rottweiler?

Well-trained German shepherds can live happily with a Rottweiler. However, German shepherds can kill a Rottweiler in circumstances where their rights are overlooked. A German shepherd and a Rottweiler are equally dangerous. However, police prefer German shepherds over Rottweilers because they’re more aggressive and alert.

While a German shepherd can kill a Rottweiler, it’s rare to do so. Once they realize they’ve hurt a Rottweiler, they’ll let them go without killing them.

It’s necessary to be in charge of the two breeds, mainly because each dog's temperament is bound to change at any time. Besides, a German shepherd and a Rottweiler will each want to protect their pups, food, and toys.

Final Words

Despite being protective and good companions to their owners, German shepherds can kill any human or animal that tries to cross their lines.

It doesn’t matter if they die while protecting their owners, puppies, foods, or toys; they’ll never watch helplessly. They’ll attack or kill.

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