Are Maltese Picky Eaters?

Are Maltese Picky Eaters? 9 Reasons Why They’re Picky!

Maltese dogs are very fussy with meals. At one point, you might think the dog is unwell, but when you change the diet, this small dog becomes active.

So, are Maltese picky eaters?

Maltese are picky eaters because they love their favorite dish, and if you cannot provide it, expect a hard time. The best Maltese food is chicken and brown rice. If your Maltese doesn’t eat, find out if she has an issue and resolve it. Even so, a picky Maltese can go for 2-5 days without food.

Are Maltese Picky Eaters?

Maltese are picky eaters because they tend to choose the type of food depending on the components incorporated in the mixture. Again, the Maltese need a lot of coaxing to accept a specific meal. 

The best Maltese Feeder to Buy

Therefore, most owners come up with an elaborate meal plan to eliminate fussy behavior. Some of the best meals have a good aroma and proper nutrition components that promote the Maltese healthy eating habit.

Why Are Maltese Dogs, Picky Eaters?

You might have noticed your Maltese picky eating habit and probably wondered why she turned picky. 

Here are a few reasons that might have promoted the behavior.

Sensitive Stomach

Just like humans, Maltese also suffer from sensitive stomachs. Anything that gets into the Maltese stomach might cause digestion issues. 

If the food has ingredients likely to give Maltese tummy trouble, you need to be vigilant. Again, foods combined with probiotics can help her ease digestion and; hence, improve food intake.

Dental Problems

Another cause of Maltese picky behavior is dental issues. Mostly, tooth decay or gum infection is a top dental problem. Sometimes the condition feels painful for the dog to eat. 

You need to check the diet given to the dog. Note that plenty of wet food can cause discomfort in the injured teeth; hence we recommend dry kibbles for her.

Food Taste and Aroma

Your Maltese needs food that makes her comfortable. If you choose to give her bitter and salty food with a less appealing aroma, the likelihood of rejecting the food is very high. 

Generally, a bad scent throws off a Maltase, thus encouraging picky eating habits. Once you notice the change, it is best to learn about the foods that she likes.

The Texture Of The Food

Giving a Maltese crumbly food is a sure turnoff. They prefer dry kibbles. Check the food texture and find something that looks and feels appealing to the dog. 

Note that the nature of Maltese is arrogance and impatience, and thus never tolerates certain food textures. Save your energy and time by providing the right food texture to your dog.

The Temperature Of The Food

Like humans, cold food is a turnoff, and that is one area where Maltese shows her intelligence. She is good at differentiating between cold and warm food and would prefer it to chilled options. 

Are Maltese Picky Eaters?

If you don't want to label her for picky behavior, check the temperature of the food. Keep it warm and not hot.

New Environment

Similar to other dogs, Maltese find a new environment strange, thus developing trust issues. Maltese remains cautious with what you serve and might feel too scared to make a move for the food. 

Often, extreme hunger forces Maltese to eat in such unfamiliar environments. But don't be surprised if the dog starved for two days.

Variational Meal Times

Maltese, just like other dogs, do not take mealtime variations easily. Once you condition her to three or two meals per day, ensure you give her the meal at the right time. Failure to do so might cause stress and anger, leading to picky behavior.

Develop a feeding approach that inspires Maltese to eat more and know when mealtimes approach.

Plenty Of Treats

Do you coarse her into eating with a treat? You’ve spoiled her, and this could challenge restoring good eating habits. Providing lots of treats for the dog before meals can be problematic once it gets used to the routine. 

This means without the treat, the Maltese dog becomes picky or even refuses to eat completely. Note that treats sometimes make dogs refuse to eat and expect more treats.

Vaccination Or Illness

Did you vaccinate her recently? You might be wondering why your Maltese is not eating or has suddenly become picky. 

Probably, the issue could be the vaccination you did recently that contributed to the loss of appetite. Even so, this could be something serious that needs veterinary attention.

How Long Will a Picky Dog Go Without Eating?

A picky dog typically takes 2-5 days without eating. Still depends on the dog’s behavior and condition during the fussy period. Some Maltese might take over five days. 

However, you should not treat failing to eat as arrogance, as there might be a presenting issue. Sometimes, a maltase can be picky because of the reasons we’ve highlighted above. 

Most importantly, a situation like this can be unusual if you are used to your dog’s eating pattern. When you notice she has not eaten for two days, please call a veterinarian for an examination. It could indicate illness, allergy, or pain.

How Do I Get My Picky Maltese to Eat?

If you are struggling with a Maltese that is a picky eater, we’ve provided some guidelines below on how to handle her.

First, understand that there are always reasons behind the behavior. If your Maltese becomes picky, try to find out where you went wrong before calling in the vet.

Secondly, check the food you are giving her. Some questions you need to address include; are you giving her the meal routinely? Check the timings and frequency to ensure the pup is on routine.

Find out whether the food has a pleasant aroma and scent. Evidently, an unpleasant scent keeps off the pouch, and an agreeable smell attracts the pup. Identify the best food formula from experts and give your dog routine feeding. 

If the Maltese enjoy the food, then it always looks up to it. Nevertheless, if he rejects the food, try to find out if it contains flavors and eliminate them before the next feeding.

The environment contributes to a picky eater. So, if the environment is new, the Maltese don’t trust anybody. You need to sit with your Maltese and give him a few treats to ensure he trusts the new environment before eating.

In most cases, your picky eater might be suffering from dental problems or general illness. It is important to check out and identify the cause of the pain. At least you might find some cues to the current picky habit.

Finally, become picky when buying the dog's food. Once you visit the kennel's food zone, you understand your Maltese better than anyone. Therefore, you’re in the best position to pick food that he likes. 

Even so, we advise you to avoid foods containing unidentified meat potions or components. Also, don’t buy food from countries with no regulations on dogs’ food. In addition, avoid foods that have plenty of artificial colors and preservatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Maltese Not Eat?

Your Maltese might fail to eat because of two main reasons:

● An illness is serious, and that is why you don’t need to assume your Maltese is picky. So, call a vet to check and advise you on the way forward. 

● Type of food you give Maltese and a routine that requires you to be consistent and keen. This narrows down to the choices you make during the purchase and the eating routine you subject to your Maltese.


So, are Maltase picky eaters? Yes, the Maltese are picky eaters because of many reasons. Some of the top reasons are what we’ve highlighted in the write-up. 

Most importantly, the dog can become choosy because of food allergies or illness. It is vital to observe her daily routine and monitor her picky behavior. This helps you find out a solution sooner.

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