Are Maltese Good Jumpers?

Are Maltese Good Jumpers?

While Maltese dogs are adorable, carrying them around every time is sometimes a bore.

“My Little Molly is six. I guess she never got trained to jump as I have to pick her up when she needs to sit on the couch or chair and set her down thereafter,” writes Sunngurrl.

“Tiffany is ten months old but won’t get up. She’ll bark continuously, and we can’t get her to climb the couch,” says Dennis, another concerned Maltese parent.

So, is this the norm, or are Maltese good jumpers?

Maltese can jump high and are fearless dogs that can get on and off most things; they desire to rest on or explore. Your Maltese jumps on the couch for attention, to get rewarded for comfort, boredom, and separation anxiety. It is bad for Maltese to jump too high as they may get injured.

Are Maltese Good Jumpers?

Never underestimate the Maltese abilities due to their small size. While they cannot jump overly high, they are pretty energetic and have agile bodies that propel them to reach where they want. These dogs are also excellent when it comes to getting off high places.

Your Maltese can jump from your arms off high windows and tall ledges without any issues. They aren’t afraid of gravity, and you may want to set your precious things beyond their reach.

Can Maltese Jump on Couches?

Small as they are, Maltese can jump to considerable heights. Not all can reach high king-sized beds, but they can jump on most couches.

“Lucy either has no idea of how to jump on the sofa or enjoys someone picking her up and placing her there. I always assumed she was too tiny to get up (7 lb). So every time she wants to get up, I have to lift her.

However, I recently got a rescue boy her size, and I’ve kept him around for a week now. He was up on the couch with me as soon as I sat down. So, it isn’t a size issue,” Cathy notes.

But why do some Maltese jump on the couch and others can’t despite similarities in size and age?

Why Does My Maltese Jump on the Couch?

Many reasons may lead your Maltese to jump on your couch, from the rewards you give them to craving your attention, boredom, and more.

Your Maltese may even get on your sofa due to a combination of these reasons:

You Give Them Rewards

The most likely reason your furry friend gets on the couch is that they know you will reward them. Do you pet and cuddle them when they get on the couch? Do you throw them treats or give them toys?

You can reduce the frequency of your Maltese jumping on the couch by ignoring them. Stop rewarding them when they snuggle close to you.

You can also try to redirect their attention when they want to get on the couch with you. For example, throw their favorite toy across the room for them to fetch.


Your Maltese may lack something to keep them busy and decide to spend their time close to you as you enjoy your show or relax.

You may have forgotten to give your Maltese a walk or play with them as you always do. So, by getting on the couch with you, your Maltese is trying to remind you of their daily routine. They also would rather spend time close to you than stay alone in their pen.


Do you have a bed for your Maltese? Your pet may decide to nap on the couch because they lack other alternative places to lie down. In this case, Your pet won’t be climbing the sofa to get favors from you.

You may notice your Maltese spending most of their time on the sofa whether you are home or not. Get them a cozy place to sleep and train them to spend their time there, and they will reduce the instances of jumping on your couch.

Attention Seeking

Maltese are amongst the canines that require a lot of attention. For instance, a puppy should only stay at home alone for not more than two hours.

These dogs are super protective when it comes to their owners and like to follow them around. So, jumping on the couch may be due to your Maltese wanting to spend more time with you, as is their nature.

Separation Anxiety or Freedom

Your Maltese may jump on your couch when you leave the house, and this can be due to two reasons.

For one, your dog may get on the couch as you won’t be around; hence there are no consequences. If your dog gets on the couch and you leave, it might know that you will pet it or focus on it for a while longer.

Maltese get deeply affected by separation anxiety. If you notice your Maltese jump and sit at the spot you were occupying before you left, they may fear the loneliness that follows your departure.

Sitting at the place you sat and smelling your scent soothes them and gives them the feeling of having your presence near.

How to Prevent Your Maltese from Jumping on Furniture

Avoid encouraging your pooch from getting on the sofa by throwing them treats and toys when they don’t climb on them. Give them something to keep busy on so that they don’t get bored.

Its bedding may not offer much comfort. So, ensure you have a cozy place for your Maltese to lie down. Moreover, you could train the Maltese to sit in a particular area.

You can also use a repellent solution to keep dogs off your couch and other furniture. However, not all furniture is suitable for using a repellant spray as it may end up staining. In the case of fabric, you want to ensure you have “WS” and “W” types rather than “S” and “X.”

Take one and a half a cup of water and add 20 lemon/orange essential oil drops and one regular spoonful of white vinegar and make a solution. Spray it on your water-friendly furniture in a light mist.

Is it Bad for Maltese to Jump?

As your Maltese prepares to jump, they shift their weight to their hind legs and joints. The energized back end propels the put forward.

When getting off things, your Maltese has low muscular work. The issue may arise when your pet tries to regulate its body balance.

Your pooch uses its body weight to move downwards. Their bodies and legs take this weight at this moment. Consequently, this may lead to a strain on the joints, especially if your Maltese is obese.

The nature of the surface your Maltese is jumping towards compared to where it’s coming from affects its safety.

Getting off a smooth surface and landing on a slippery one or moving from a hard surface to a soft one leads your Maltese to try determining themselves from falling and overusing their muscles (eccentric contractions).

These contractions may result in strains, twists, and sprains. These issues may result in hip dysplasia, where the bones in your dog’s waist do not fit into each other appropriately.

To prevent this condition, let your Maltese exercise just enough, and don’t let them grow overweight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Dog Jump on Me and Bite Me?

Your dog jumps on you and bites to get your attention or get something you have that they want, say a treat or toy. Besides you, your pooch may extend this behavior when they meet new people as a way of greeting them.

Typically, puppies are the ones that like to jump and bite. Biting is a means they use to taste the environment surrounding them. Their bit6e may hurt you, whereas it’s an instinct for them.

Should You Let Your Dog Jump on You?

You should not let your dog jump on you. Although they are amongst the toy breeds, letting your Maltese pounce on your visitors may startle or annoy them. Large dog breeds may cause you to fall and hurt yourself.

How Do You Keep Your Dog from Jumping Up on You?

You keep your dog from jumping up on you by ensuring you don’t embrace them immediately after you see them. Maltese are likely to jump on you when you come back home.

Wait until they relax before petting and greeting them. If you instantly start to caress them while they are still jumping, you are encouraging the behavior, as this action acts as a reward.

Ensure your Maltese behaves when meeting visitors by holding them on their lease.  Consider having a toy your Maltese likes when guests are around to distract them.


If your Maltese suddenly started jumping on furniture or at you, it may be due to the rewards you offer them. Take note of the events that occurred when your pet started jumping. Additionally, consider any differences whenever the Maltese jump.

While your Maltese getting on your bed by themselves ensures you enjoy your nap in peace, it may harm them if your bed is too high.

Arrange boxes, a rack, or an upside-down bucket close to your bed to make it less challenging and risky for them to get on and off high furniture.

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