Are Basenjis Good With Cats?

Are Basenjis Good With Cats?

Basenjis are a wonderful breed given their considerably low noises, ideal if you don't like a racket around the house. Not to mention, they are petite and pretty dogs with curled tails and are perfect for hunting.

But are Basenjis good with cats?

Basenjis are good with cats if given time. To begin, you stop a Basenji from being aggressive to your cat by training them to tolerate other pets. On the other hand, the best way to train your cat not to be afraid of Basenjis is by separating them from your dog first before slow reintroduction.

Are Basenjis Good With Cats?

A cat and a Basenji can live in harmony. However, if they are both young or old, there may be some problems.

If your Basenji or cat has an illness that makes them sick, then they have trouble living with your other healthy pet.

Also, if one animal is very active while the other is lazy, this could cause conflict between them.

Make sure that your pets don't fight each other if you want to keep them happy and safe. To do this, ensure each has enough food or toys. It would help if you always supervised any playtime between the two animals.

If you're looking for ways to prevent your cat from attacking your Basenji, here's what you need to know:

Cats Hate Loud Noises

So, ensure you don't give your Basenji a reason to bark or whine. Moreover, try turning down the volume on TV shows, music, etc., especially when your cat might be sleeping.


Keep your cat away from areas where your Basenji spends time a lot.

For example, put up baby gates at entrances to rooms where your dog sleeps. Or, move furniture around so that your cat doesn't feel threatened by your canine.

Also, try to avoid your cat sleeping near your dog. She may think that her territory is under threat.


Make sure that your cat isn't hungry before going outside. Otherwise, she is likely to attack your Basenji.

How Do You Stop a Basenji from Being Aggressive to Cats?

You stop your Basenji from being aggressive to cats by teaching the dog that it is not acceptable for them to be aggressive towards them. This can only happen if your pooch learns what aggression means and how they should behave when around cats and other animals.

The first thing to know about Basenjis and cats is that they are different species of animal. They have evolved separately over millions of years, and so their behavior patterns are quite different.

For example, while both Basenjis and cats like to play games together, dogs tend to use physical contact as part of these games, whereas cats prefer to chase each other using their claws.

Canines also enjoy playing tug-of-war, but cats don't really care much for this game at all. In fact, some people say that cats dislike having anything on their bodies because they feel uncomfortable.

Basenjis and Cats: What Do You Know About Them?

When most people think of Basenjis and cats, they imagine that they behave pretty alike. However, even though they share certain similarities, such as fur coloring and body shape, they are different creatures.

While Basenjis are omnivores, cats are obligate carnivores. Therefore, while most people believe Basenjis love eating meat and cats rely on vegetable foods to survive, cats need more protein than Basenjis.

A cat needs food every day, which comes mainly from plants. It has no teeth, and its jaw structure doesn't allow it to eat meat. On top of that, cats cannot digest plant matter properly.

In addition to providing companionship, cats help keep pests under control. Their hunting skills make them effective predators of rodents, insects, reptiles, birds, amphibians, fish, and small mammals.

In contrast to dogs, cats rarely bark or whine unless something goes wrong. Instead, they meow to communicate with humans. And when they want attention, they purr.

How Can I Train My Cat to Like My Basenji?

Cats are naturally territorial. They won't accept anyone else into their home unless invited first. To teach your cat to tolerate your Basenji, start slowly.

First, introduce your cat to your dog in his crate. Then, gradually open the door to allow your cat access to the room.

Once your cat accepts your Basenji inside, leave the door closed until your cat feels comfortable enough to come out again.

Your cat needs to see how well-behaved your dog is. Showing off your canine's best behavior will encourage your cat to follow suit.

What Is the Best Way to Train Your Cat Not to Be Afraid of Basenjis?

Cats are independent creatures. Although they love being loved, they also appreciate space and privacy when needed. In short, they are pretty picky about where they choose to stay.

Why Does My Cat Fear My Basenji?

There are three main reasons why a Basenji may scare a cat :

Size Difference

A huge dog scares cats. Likewise, a big Basenji scares a small cat.

Noise level

Basenjis bark, yelp, and snarl. If there are children around, dogs tend to frighten them more than adults do. And the noise is likely to irritate your cat.

Basenjis Scent

Most dogs have strong odors, although Basenjis have a subtle one, given their grooming habits. Some smells are pleasant, some not so much. But if your dog gets close to a cat, the cat may notice the odor and react harshly.

So, How Do You Help Your Cat to Stop Fearing Your Basenji?

The best way to train your cat to like your Basenji is to let it get used gradually over time.

For example: start by letting them play together every day for five minutes each session. Later, increase this amount until they're playing together all day long.

Next, slowly decrease the length of their sessions so that eventually, they only see each other once per week. This method works well for most things, including training your cat to enjoy human company as well.

Here are a few tips:

Don't Force Anything

Keep doing whatever you've been doing up till now. Your cat may dislike your Basenji during initial resistance but don't worry too much about that. Just stick with it.

Be Patient

It can take weeks before your cat starts cozying up to your Basenji. You'll probably need to repeat steps 1-3 several times before your cat finally accepts the change.

Slow Introduction

Make sure you give your cat plenty of attention during these early stages. They won't want to associate anything negative with people who care enough to spend lots of time with them.

If you find yourself having trouble convincing your cat to accept several Basenjis, try introducing them separately first. Letting your cat meet each Basenji and seeing how he reacts to it might help make the transition easier.

Once your cat has accepted the Basenji, continue increasing the amount of time spent interacting between them. Eventually, your cat should get accustomed to spending time with your dog.

How Long Does it Take for a Basenji to Get Used to a Cat?

It depends on many factors, such as age, size, temperament, health, and training history. Some Basenjis adapt quickly; others take longer.

But whether Basenji or not, most dogs eventually become accustomed to having a cat around.

Here are some tricks to help ease your new family member into the house:

Start small

Introduce your cat to your dog through a carrier or cage. When your cat gets used to being held, place her in the same area every day. Gradually increase the amount of time spent together.

Moreover, you can familiarize your Basenji with cats by taking them to a feline sanctuary. This way, they can acclimatize to the idea of living with your cat.


Give your dog plenty of attention. He'll learn more about your cat if he sees that you care about her too.

When to Stop Interactions

Watch your dog closely. If he seems uncomfortable around your cat, stop interacting with him immediately.


Play games with both of them. Games like hide-and-seek, tug-of-war, and fetch work are great because they require minimal interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Basenjis Aggressive?

Basenjis are not aggressive. In fact, Basenjis have one of the lowest rates of aggression among all breeds. However, this is not to say that they're entirely safe from biting incidents. The best thing you can do to prevent any unwanted bites is to train your dog correctly.

Are Basenjis Like Cats?

Basenjis are like cats in some aspects. Both animals enjoy playing, sleeping, eating, and exploring their surroundings. Also, they groom themselves similarly to cats and are quite challenging to train.

Final Thoughts

Given time, your Basenji and cat can warm up to each other. However, never force your cat to interact with your Basenji. Let both decide if they want to play with each other.

Remember to use a treat when training your Basenji and cat on social tolerance.

Lastly, be patient! Training takes time.

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