Can dogs eat cucumbers with skin

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Is Cucumber Skin Good?

So, you’ve been considering giving your dog an excellent treat because he has finally completed the training and now obeys your instructions. Sadly, you don’t seem to know the best treat to give him to reinforce his good behavior. Just then, you think of the cucumbers you’re using to prepare your side dish and wonder, can dogs eat cucumbers?

Well, cucumbers are delicious vegetable treats that dogs eat. One-half cup of bite-sized pieces of cucumber contains only 8 calories. Besides, This crunchy vegetable is fat-free and low in sodium. 

In addition, cucumbers are good for dogs on extremely hot days as they contain about 96% water. Though cucumbers are also rich in potassium and vitamins B1, K, and C, they can cause an upset stomach if ingested in high amounts. They may also choke dogs when eaten whole.

This is just a tip in the ice bag. The ‘meat’ is right below. So, keep reading. 

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers

Dogs can safely eat cucumbers, and they make a healthy treat. So, think of cucumbers if you’re wondering what other vegetables your dog can eat besides the healthy and nutrient-packed broccoli

Though huskies can eat bananas like other dogs, cucumbers are a better alternative due to their low-calorie content.

Photo By Alena Darmel: Pexel

The low-calorie content in cucumbers makes them the best dog treat for weight loss, especially when coupled with vigorous dog exercise such as running. Diabetic dogs should also eat low-calorie dog food or treats; hence, cucumbers are ideal.  

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Furthermore, as mentioned above, 96% of the cucumber is water. Hence, it lowers hunger in dogs, and they stay hydrated all day. 

Most dog owners fear giving their dogs fruits like watermelon due to its high sugar content. 

Cucumbers are the best alternative because they’re low in sugar and won’t wear your dog’s tooth enamel like the melon and strawberries

Sadly, just like the avocado seed can be a choking hazard for dogs, so is the cucumber if not chopped into small slices. Fast-eating dogs are mainly the victims. To be safe, avoid feeding your dog a whole cucumber. Always cut a cucumber into small slices or dice it before feeding it to your dog. 

Is Cucumber a Good Treat for Dogs?

Besides being low in calories and high in water, cucumber is a healthy snack for puppies, adults, and senior dogs because it is rich in vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, copper, potassium, and phosphorous. 

Besides, cucumbers contain antioxidants, for example, triterpenes, flavonoids, and lignans. 

In addition, cucumbers, unlike most dog treats such as oranges, are low in sugar and salt, so veterinarians highly recommend them.

So, making cucumbers your dog’s daily low-calorie snack is safe. 

Can dogs eat cucumbers with skin
Photo by Viktoria Slowikowska: Pexels

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Pickles, though, are a different thing! They contain salt and spices, which threaten your dog’s health. Avoid them and only give your dog plain cucumbers. 

Can Too Much Cucumber Make a Dog Sick?

As with every other treat, too much cucumbers could make your dog sick! Yes, cucumbers are non-toxic and nutritious for dogs, but once they overeat, they could have an upset stomach or gastrointestinal tract issues. 

So, be warned! Too many of these nutritious crunchy veggies will hurt your dogs, causing diarrhea. To be sure you’re not giving your dog too much, let cucumber make only 10% of his daily diet. The 90% must be from a pet food diet. 

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Also, if you’re just introducing the fruit to the dog, please start with one cucumber slice. If no health problems are noted after a couple of hours, try giving more slices to ensure your dog is okay with it.

However, dogs are unique, and so are their health conditions and needs are unique. 

In addition, you should NEVER feed your dog cucumbers or any fruits and vegetables before contacting your veterinarian. 

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers With Skin?

Dogs can eat cucumber with skin. The skin may have more health benefits for your dog because much of the fiber and Vitamins C, K, B1, and A are concentrated there. 

There’s another side of the cucumber treat, though. Since the skin is fibrous and rough to digest, it could be challenging for your dog’s tummy to digest well, causing digestive upset, vomiting, and diarrhea. 

Cucumber skin could also contain pesticides, which could cause diarrhea, vomiting, and other complications. Therefore, always wash the cucumber skin thoroughly (preferably) under running water. Better still, grow organic cucumbers. 

How Should I Give Cucumber to My Dog?

While cucumbers are safe and great for dogs to eat, they could be dangerous if you don’t wash them thoroughly. Though the skin is healthy and packed with more nutrients than the flesh, it could be dangerous for dogs with digestive problems. If your dog is one of them, peel the cucumber before feeding him. 

Even for dogs without digestion problems, it’s a great idea to first test by feeding them unpeeled cucumbers.

If you notice any complications, discontinue and wait a few days before giving him peeled, chopped cucumber.

Cucumber seeds are also safe and healthy for dogs, but some might dislike them. Based on how your dog behaves toward them, you can remove or leave them. 

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Flavored, canned, and pickling cucumbers are unhealthy for dogs; avoid them. 

Here are a few serving ideas you could try. 

  • Give your dog a crunchy frozen cucumber (diced or sliced) treat on a hot summer day.  
  • Add thin slices of cucumber as a topper on dog food, or just give him raw ones. 
  • Blend diced or sliced cucumber with other safe fruits, such as avocado, and then freeze to ‘treat’ him on a hot summer weekend. 


Can Dogs Eat Raw Cucumbers?

Dogs can eat raw cucumbers if your vet approves it. It’s the best and healthiest form because it’s free of salt and additives such as onions and garlic.

Though garlic, especially when combined with honey, is great for humans, it is a toxin for dogs. So, keep it away from your dog.

Can dogs eat cucumbers with skin
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko: Pexels

Raw cucumber is packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water. Though low in calories, never feed your dog too much raw cucumber; moderation is vital. 

Start with a slice or two and watch him for the rest of the day. If no complications are associated with this veggie, give him one chopped cucumber occasionally or daily. 

Thoroughly wash the raw cucumber to avoid giving your dog toxins from pesticides.

Can Dogs Drink Cucumber Water?

Yes, dogs can drink cucumber water. However, avoid store-bought cucumber water as it may contain dangerous additives for your dog, such as xylitol, a sugar substitute. 

It’s a good idea to blend the cucumber at home to make your dog raw, unflavored cucumber juice to hydrate him.

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Feeding cucumbers to dogs is entirely safe and recommended by vets. Firstly, (in its raw form) it is low in sugar and salt, and secondly, it is low in calories. Due to low-calorie and high water content, overweight dogs can eat cucumbers to help them to have a healthy weight.

Besides, unless you overfeed your dog with too much cucumbers, dogs cannot have a stomach upset if they eat this delicious crunchy veggie. 

Nevertheless, you must wash freshly harvested cucumbers thoroughly as the skin could have deadly pesticides. In addition, the cucumber skin could be hard to digest as it is high in fiber. If your dog has a digestion problem, always give him peeled cucumbers. Feed cucumber to dogs in moderation, as it shouldn’t replace a dog’s diet. Always consider the pet’s needs, not the pet’s wants!

To prevent choking, dice or slice cucumbers into small pieces. 

Cucumber remains a treat regardless of how much it is nutritious. So, never exceed the recommended 10% of dogs’ daily diets. 

Remember, your dog should not eat pickled cucumbers. Also, before giving your dog cucumbers, please contact your vet for assessment.